Friends of the Children - New York | Community Beautification Project…

June 28, 2024

Community Beautification Project with Houlihan Lokey

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Friends of the Children New York recently partnered with Houlihan Lokey for the second year in a row to complete a community beautification project with the West 132nd Community Street Garden. This event brought together our dedicated Friends, Achievers, other Friends staff, and enthusiastic volunteers from Houlihan Lokey to clean up the streets in our community.

The event began with a warm welcome to our corporate sponsor, Houlihan Lokey, and a round of applause for our Achievers who have worked hard throughout the school year. After an engaging icebreaker, everyone was ready to get to work!

Our facilitator took the lead, providing guidance as participants rolled up their sleeves to pull weeds and clean up garbage along Lennox Avenue. Despite the heat, everyone had an amazing time working outside! It was wonderful to see how our Achievers and staff worked so well with our partners at Houlihan Lokey.

As the event concluded, everyone enjoyed a well-deserved pizza break. Volunteers, staff, and youth all shared stories from their day while reflecting on their sense of accomplishment from a job well done. Overall, it was a beautiful event!

This community beautification project not only improved the local environment but also strengthened the bonds between our organization, the youth we serve, and our generous corporate partners. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Houlihan Lokey for their support and to all the volunteers who made this event a success. We’re so glad to have worked with an organization that truly believes in our mission, and we can’t wait for our next event with them!