Friends of the Children - New York | Friend Highlight

September 28, 2015

Friend Highlight

Kevin Watson

Friend, Kevin Watson, started his journey at Friends–NY three years ago, and his passion for Friends of the Children runs deep. For Kevin, it’s not just a job; it’s his duty to provide his boys with the love and skills development that saved him as a child. Kevin is no stranger to the at-risk environment that his boys are growing up in. Kevin’s father is currently serving a 40-year prison sentence, and his brother, now 43, has been in prison since he was 17. What made the difference for Kevin was the attention and love he received from his mother and grandmother. They both expected a lot from him and were always honest with him about the consequences of his actions.

Today, Kevin shares that same honesty and love with his Achievers. “The most important thing to me is being honest with my Achievers. It doesn’t help my kids to pacify them or enable their behavior. You need to be honest while also being loving. They just need a Friend to champion them and give them the guidance and skills development that will keep them on the path to becoming independent adults.” Kevin finds opportunities every day to work with his kids on their Core Assets, such as Self-Management, Positive Relationship Building and Finding Your Spark. “Whether I’m working with them on their behavior, their school work or helping them to stay motivated and engaged, I’m always talking with them about their Core Assets and reaching their Roadmap Goals.” Kevin is a stellar Friend and was recently promoted to the Friend Manager position. We look forward to witnessing the growth and development of Kevin and his boys in the years to come.