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Leadership Council

Empowering Leaders, Enriching Lives: The Friends New York Leadership Council's Mission

Our Leadership Council is at the forefront of nurturing future leaders who are passionate about the mission of Friends New York. This dynamic group broadens the organization's support base by offering a mix of hands-on volunteer opportunities, professional networking events, and innovative fundraising initiatives. Members of the Leadership Council champion the critical cause of Friends New York, dedicating themselves to the welfare of New York City's most vulnerable youth and families. In doing so, they also further their own personal, professional, and leadership development.

Annually, the Council spearheads a major fundraising event to bolster Friends New York's efforts, attract donors, and heighten awareness of their impactful model. Beyond this, the Council is active throughout the year, organizing a variety of events such as engaging panel discussions, volunteer activities, and crowdfunding campaigns, all aimed at amplifying our voice and reach.

Leadership Council Expectations

* Make a financial membership give/get  contribution, a minimum of $1,500

* Participate in at least one volunteer engagement opportunity annually

* Regularly attend YPB meetings 6-8 times a year

* Participate on at least one committee 

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